During the summer of 2020, I completed an Environmental Conservation and Land Management Internship at the Lac Lawrann Conservancy. Through this experience, I took part in maintaining the property via invasive species removal, trail maintenance, and leading educational camps for kids. Along with this, I was involved with three core projects, the first being the creation of an animal house (bluebird, wood duck, butterfly, and bat) map around the property using ArcGIS. This map is used for data collection by the conservancy and as an educational piece for the public. I then used this during the summer as I collected data throughout the nesting season.

Kayaking during Adventure Camp.
Baby Tree Swallow.











I also helped with the beginnings of a creating an interactive story map throughout the trail system, allowing the public to scan QR codes at specific locations and receive information on the history and interesting facts about the property. Through this project I was able to dive into the historic significance of the conservancy, assist with writing the informational pieces, collect and associate photographs with each marked location, and collaborate with professionals in various areas of the parks department. Although it was not completed before my departure, it allowed me to further explore my passion for sharing scientific information with the public in a fun way.

Lastly, I spent most of my time performing water quality tests on Rainbow Lake, located on the North side of the property. We performed both surface level and stratified chemical tests and a microscopic analysis of microorganisms in the water to determine the overall health of the lake. Our findings will likely be used as preliminary information for the DNR regarding the potential need for remediation efforts.


Reading dissolved oxygen levels in surface water of Rainbow Lake.
Microbe within the family Cyclopidae photographed under a microscope during a habitat study.