During my time at UWL, I spent my sophomore and junior years being a Human Anatomy and Physiology Teaching Assistant. My responsibilities consisted of instructing students during lab periods, teaching structures on human cadavers, and supervising open labs. This was a rewarding position as I developed a passion for sharing my scientific knowledge with others.

Senior year, I was lucky enough to travel abroad at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute on Little Cayman Island. Within this program we studied Ecosystem Chemistry, while learning about their current research and conservation efforts. This experience provided me with experience in marine organism identification, underwater data collection, environmental DNA extraction, and protein purification from the venomous spines of invasive lionfish. My passion for aquatic environmental research and conservation was solidified through this amazing opportunity.

Investigation of coral bleaching, as compared to the shown color comparison chart.
Lab set up in the CCMI laboratory.
Longspine Squirrelfish.









Quite the fun place to have class!
Experienced a sea turtle nest excavation performed by our licensed instructor.
Analysis of fish scales under microscope while determining the species.